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IRS Deduction Form

Totally Safe & Secure -** With Encryption**

$99 Appraisal. Cemetery Sales Information Services will appraise your property in any of the 50 United States of America, and furnish you with a certified written appraisal acceptable to the IRS when you donate your property to a recognized charitable organization.

Cemetery Sales will fill in the proper numbers and sign IRS form 8283 in the appropriate place by a Licensed and Bonded official Cemetery Appraiser. Cemetery Sales will furnish with the appraisal, a qualification statement from the appraiser that validates the amount to be provided to the IRS as a Schedule A Tax deduction.

To request more information or order an appraisal, fill in the order form and follow the instructions. All required fields are in red.

NOTE: All information is keep Confidential and forms sent are encrypted.

Full Name on the Cemetery Certificate of Interment Rights (Deed):

Tax payer ID (Social Security #)

Full Description of Property Donated (Name, Address, Phone Number of Cemetery, Full Property Description, and other details):

Date of Contribution to Non-Profit Charitable Organization:

Date of Property Acquired:

How Acquired (Purchase, Gift, etc):

Original Cost (Must be specific - $0 as a gift, or exact original cost):

Complete Name & Address of Organization receiving the property contribution:

Once complete by Cemetery Sales Information Services, the IRS Form 8283 will be sent to you completed and signed with a Declaration of Appraiser. You may then present this form to your CPA or Income Tax Preperer for further completion to submit with your tax return.

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